Modern Miracles of Motor Mayhem


Back in June of 2016 my friend Steve over at Deadbeat Customs brought Tara and me down to Wildwood, NJ to document The Race of Gentlemen. Tara shot a ton of 35mm photos (see below) and I made this little film. For a few months afterwards all I could think about was selling my bike and buying an old Harley. Maybe someday!

Fun fact about this film is that my "A" camera died on the first day of shooting. I had to use a Canon T5i with one battery and one SD card to film the three day event. Back in film school I shot two super 16mm shorts so I just approached it like I was shooting film. Only turn the camera on when you need to and only press record when you see something happening. It kind of helped in a way because I had to be so deliberate with my shots. At any rate it was a great formal exercise. 

You can check out Deadbeat's write up and more of Tara's photos here: