Made a Music Video

I’ve been filming a feature length documentary about Leather Lung for almost four years now. We’re all really good friends and they asked if I’d be willing to make a music video. It was exciting to make something completely fictional and I can’t thank them enough for giving me the opportunity. This one was a huge team effort.

Starring Matvey Spitkovsky

Assistant Directed by Caleb Gowett

Special Thanks to: Pete Olbrys, Alex Doocey, Tara Plocharczyk, Rachel Castagnino, Sheila Lanigan, Trevor Gudde, Rengo Studios

Some BTS photos, all taken by my friend Rachel Castagnino:


Pete dragged Mat ten or fifteen times for that first dragging shot. God bless him. That’s him in the foreground, some haze in a can spray, and me in the background.

Showing Mat how it looks.


Mat was a true champion and smoked about 20 fake cigarettes for this scene. I think he got a kick out of smoking in the tub though.

Showing Mat that I was indeed recording that time.


Trevor (in the middle, pointing) helped us make the fight look more realistic than I ever could.

That’s it. Thanks for looking.

BIll Politis